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Mapping the Middle East: Geography, Politics, and Religion
This interactive, map-based resource allows users to highlight individual countries of the Middle East for information about leadership, suffrage, and religious make-up. Also included are a quiz and secondary maps about Muslim populations throughout the world by number, percentage of population, and Shi'a/Sunni breakdown.

Women of Teheran
Women of Teheran, Persia. Written on photo mount: "Persian women in street costume. Two have pushed aside the veils but still refuse to show either eyes or mouth." c. 1880.

Pages of the Persian Shah
Pages of the Persian Shah. Written on photo mount: "Runners before the Shah's carriage in Teheran, Persia." c.1880.

Reza Pahlavi
Reza Pahlavi taking oath of office before parliament of Persia. 1923.

Tehran street scene
Tehran street scene.

Iranian parliament
Iranian parliament.

Woman waiting by curbside
Woman waiting by curbside, Tehran.

Small Tehran mosque
Small Tehran mosque.

Azadi Square, Tehran
Azadi Square, Tehran.

Old entrance, Tehran
Old entrance, Tehran.

Book Cover: Simin Danishvar, Daneshvar's Playhouse: A Collection of Short Stories
Iranian characters and settings.