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Tomb of Raja Rammohun Roy in the Cemetary of Arno's Vale, near Bristol
Photograph of tomb of Rammohun Roy

"Remarks on Settlement in India by Europeans"
Essay concerning advantages and disadvantages of European (British) settlement in India as perceived by Rammohun Roy

"The Brahmunical Magazine, or, The Missionary and the Brahmun; Being a Vindication of the Hindoo Religion against the Attacks of Christian Missionaries"
Essay by Rammohun Roy in defense of Hinduism

English East India Company
Definition of "English East India Company"

East London Mosque
East London Mosque.

Book Cover: Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses
Indian characters, U.K. setting.

Book Cover: Zadie Smith, White Teeth
U.K. characters, set in U.K. and elsewhere.