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Modern South Asia Timeline: Social Movements, Political Events, and Intellectual Production
An interactive timeline, with hyperlinked documents, maps, short biographies, and other material, focusing on the modern history of the Indian subcontinent. The timeline covers the nineteenth-century religious reforms instituted by Indian intellectuals and British colonial officials and the nationalist movements leading to the 1947 independence of India and the creation of Pakistan. It provides a brief overview of earlier cultural and political events (the Brahmanical tradition, the Mughal period) that influenced debates of the British colonial period. It also lists key events, post-1947 to the 1990s, relevant to contemporary anthropological questions regarding caste, gender, and ethnic conflict. The timeline was prepared in conjunction with Columbia University anthropology course "Introduction to South Asian History and Culture" (Fall 2005).

Major Bangladeshi Cities
Small map of Bangladesh showing major cities

Map of Bangladesh
Map of Bangladesh's political boundaries, including divisions, with railroads and roads