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Gandhi Timeline
A scrollable, interactive timeline illustrated with photographs and descriptions of key events in the life of Mohandas K. Gandhi

Gandhi outside his Johannesburg office
Photograph of M. K. Gandhi at his law office in Johannesburg, South Africa

"Is Ethnography Possible? A Critique of African Odyssey"
Abstract: Two ethnographers—both female, white, and North American—studied "the same" people in East Africa, at almost the same time, and came up with very different results. This uncommon occurrence provides an opportunity to explore possible effects of different observers on ethnographic results, where initial formulations of problems were not sharply dissimilar. Internal variation among the people studied can explain only part of the divergence in results; different field situations seem to have led the Nyiha to present different behavior to the two observers. It is suggested that much of what [Mariam] Slater describes [in African Odyssey: An Anthropological Adventure (1976)] as "Nyiha culture" may be an accurate account of Nyiha exclusionary maneuvers. Further, the two ethnographers differed in theoretical backgrounds, expectations of field work, biases, and categorization of the people studied.

Excerpt from Tristes Tropiques (p. 38)
Two-paragraph excerpt from the English translation of Tristes Tropiques (p. 38), in which Lévi-Strauss denounces the destruction of indigenous civilizations by the spread of Western civilization.

Minaret of Kutubiya Mosque
Minaret of Kutubiya Mosque, Marrakesh, Morocco. Completed 1195.

Interior of Kutubiya Mosque
Interior of Kutubiya Mosque, Marrakesh, Morocco.

The Great Mosque
The Great Mosque, Djenne, Mali. Built 1906-07.

Egyptian Girls
"Egyptian Girls" (inscribed on negative). c. 1890.

Cairo street scene
Cairo street scene. 1924.

Engineering students at Cairo University
Engineering students at Cairo University, 1951.Yasser Arafat is second from the right.

Yasser Arafat at Cairo University
Yasser Arafat as an engineering student at Cairo University, 1952.

Yasser Arafat
Yasser Arafat. Caption reads: "Jan. 1, 1965: With paltry weapons and the name Al-Asifa ('The Storm') Fateh lead by Arafat begins guerrilla raids against Israel with an abortive bombing of the national water carrier in the Galilee." .

Cairo street scene
Cairo street scene, Egypt.

Egyptian school children
School children, Egypt.

Two men in main market
Two men in main market, Cairo, Egypt.

Taxi driver
Taxi driver, Egypt; captioned "Abbas, our friend and taxi driver who looked after us during our visit to Luxor in March 2003.".

Camel driver
Camel driver, Egypt.

Woman in the Sinai desert
Woman in the Sinai desert, near Dahab, Egypt.

People on Nile shore
People on Nile shore, Egypt.

Woman crossing street
Woman crossing street, Casablanca, Morocco.

Sidewalk café
Sidewalk café, Casablanca.

Muslims at prayer
Muslims at prayer, Nigeria.

Aerial view of Cairo and the Citadel
Aerial view of Cairo and the Citadel (complex of buildings including several mosques).

View of Cairo from the Citadel
View of Cairo from the Citadel.

Azhar Park, Cairo
Azhar Park, Cairo, Egypt.

View of Nile riverbanks
View of Nile riverbanks, Cairo.

Overview of Casablanca
Overview of Casablanca. Source: Virtual Morocco.

Rooftops, Casablanca
Rooftops, Casablanca.

Fourth Section of the Fatawi
Frontispiece from the Fourth Section of the Fatawi (Legal Opinions) of Qadi Khan. Egypt.

Book Cover: Mariama Ba, So Long a Letter
Senegalese characters and setting.

Book Cover: Achmat Dangor, Kafka's Curse
South African characters and setting.

Book Cover: Naguib Mahfouz, Midaq Alley
Egyptian characters and setting.

Book Cover: Tayeb Salih, Season of Migration to the North
Sudanese characters and setting.

Travels of Ibn Batutta
Exploratory Travels of Ibn Batutta

The Ottoman Empire, 1914
Map of the Ottoman Empire

Colonial Empires Worldwide, 1914

Colonialism in Africa, 1914
Map of European colonization in Africa, 1914.